Welcome to Help.Center!

Welcome to Help.Center!

Effortlessly create and manage a customer-focused help center

A knowledge-base website is a user-friendly way to help customers understand your product and get answers quickly. This saves them time and effort, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We are here to help you create an awesome help center for your company 🤝

Quick overview of our Editor

Our editor makes writing text, adding headings, images, tables, and more super easy. You don't need any technical knowledge to create beautiful and informative documentation.

You can add headings, bold or italicize text, insert images, embed videos, and create tables with just a few clicks. Play around with the editor to see what all options are available to you.

Control your Article page settings

You have complete control over every article. Assign a category for the article, add a subtitle, and even make sure that the article has a proper URL slug.

Manage and organize your Help articles

Each and every article can be managed from the dashboard. You control whether an article should be public or not. Also see the statistics of an article like the number of views, customer likes, and dislikes.

All your Help Center Settings in one place

You have all your Help Center settings in one place, which includes:

  • Category Management

  • Designing the color theme

  • Translation of Help Center

  • SEO management

  • Code Injection

  • Widget design

This single control panel approach allows you to manage your Help.Center with ease.

We are happy to bring a world-class editor that makes creating documentation a breeze. We hope that you enjoy using Help.Center.

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