SEO friendly


SEO friendly

Add meta title and meta description for SEO

All websites are SEO friendly websites. Here are more details on SEO.

Configure Meta information

In your dashboard, open Settings > SEO. Here you can set set the meta title, meta description, favicon and meta image of your documentation website.
There is also an option to turn off search engine indexing. You can make the necessary changes and click on Save changes.
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You can check whether your Meta information was updated successfully or not, by inspecting your help.centre URL on websites like

We use SSR (Server Side Rendering)

SSR is used while content is taken from Notion and rendered as HTML on the website. The use of SSR ensures that pages load fast and also search engines like Google can easily crawl the website. Learn more on SSR.

We are Mobile-friendly

All help article pages and website is optimised for mobile. Following is a screenshot of one of our help.centers being tested on Google.
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We use Clean URLs
A clean URL is one that is easily read and does not contain URL parameters, query strings or unreadable alphanumeric strings. Humans prefer clean URLs, search engines prefer them as well.

We offer the best search keyword for your domain

When you create a website, the URL of your documentation website is going to be:
And it so happens, the most searched keyword by a customer who is looking for help on your product/company/service is “Your Brand Name” + “Help Center”.
Keywords play an important role when it comes to getting traffic to a website. When user adds keywords into their search queries, they are more likely to click on domain names and links that contain those keywords.

Performance test of

Here is a GTmetrix test result of one of our help.centers.
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